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Thank You To BobBear Taylor For The Location Of The Fleener Farm And House

  • (0:01) Coach Dale Stopping In A Small Town / N. 66th Road, Terhune (Note: He Was Facing North When He Pulled In. The Railroad Track And The Grain Elevator Are Now Gone)

  • (0:02) Driving By A White Barn As Kids Are Shooting Hoops / Indiana Highway 47 Between 1400 East And Big Springs Road, Sheridan (Note: He Is Traveling East and It Is On The South Side Of The Road Plus The Basketball Goal Is Now Gone)

  • (0:03) Driving Into The Town Of Hickory / Coach Dale Is Driving South On Wabash Street And Turns Left Or East On Washington Street, New Richmond

  • (0:03) Hickory High School / 7544 Nineveh Road, Nineveh (Note: The School Caught Fire Years Ago And Was Later Torn Down And Now A Post Office Sits On The Property)

  • (0:06) The Hickory Gym / Hoosier Gym; 355 N. Washington Street, Knightstown
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  • (0:07) Where Coach Dale Lives / 5200 N. 400 W, Crawfordsville (Note: This Is An Estimated Address But It Is Just North Of 500 N. And The House Sits On The East Side Of The Road And The Barn Has Fallen Down)

  • (0:09) The Barbershop Town Meeting / 102 E. Washington Street Downtown, New Richmond (Note: This Place Is Now Called The Hickory Cafe And They Have Some Pictures Of The Filming Of The Movie Inside)

  • (0:19) Local Diner / Corner Cafe; 102 S. Wabash Street, New Richmond

  • (0:38) Myra Fleener's House / 2084 S. County Road 125 West, Danville (Note: This Location Is Not Visible From The Road)

  • (0:43) Cedar Knob's Tiny Gym / Saint Neri Catholic School Gym; 545 Eastern Avenue, Indianapolis

  • (0:47) Shooter's House In The Woods / 3078 S. County Road 101 E, Clayton (Note: This Cabin Is On Private Property In The Woods. I Got Special Permission To Get Back There)

  • (0:57) Church Where The Town Decides Coach Dale's Fate / Elizaville Baptist Church; 5946 N. Howard Street, Elizaville (Note: The Address Is Actually Lebanon But Actually In This Tiny Town So I Listed It To Make Things Easier)

  • (1:10) Sectional Finals Gym / Brownsburg High School, Brownsburg (Note: The Gym Has Since Been Torn Down)

  • (1:15) Shooter In The Hospital Drying Out / Wishard Memorial Hospital; 1001 W. 10th Street, Indianapolis (Note: The Part Of The Hospital Seen Is Actually Part Of A Museum There)

  • (1:18) Regional Finals Gym / 327 N. Lebanon Street, Lebanon

  • (1:34) State Championship Arena / Hinkle Fieldhouse; 510 W. 49th Street, Indianapolis