• (0:08)  George Leaving The Beach House / Somewhere On Malibu Cove Colony Road, Malibu (Note: The Road Is Private So Don't Risk Going Down It)

  • (0:08)  George Turning Onto The Highway / Malibu Cove Colony Road And Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu (Note: He Is Turning East)

  • (0:09)  George Turning Right In Front Of Jenny's Car As She Is Heading To Her Wedding / Corner Of Sunset Blvd Turning Right Onto N. Whittier Drive Heading South, Beverly Hills

  • (0:10)  George Sitting At The Stop Sign As He Catches His First Glimpse Of Jenny Next To His Car / N. Whittier Drive And N. Linden Drive, Beverly Hills

  • (0:11)  George Runs Into The Police Car / On The West Side Of The All Saints Episcopal/Anglican Church; 504 N. Camden Drive, Beverly Hills

  • (0:48)  Samantha Racing Home / Showing The Intersection Of N. Casacada Way And W. Bellagio Road, Los Angeles

  • (0:48)  George And Samantha Just Miss Seeing Each Other Driving / W. Bellagio Road And Chalon Road, Los Angeles

  • (0:51)  George Webber's House / 777 Ledo Way, Los Angeles

  • To The Best Of My Knowledge The Rest Of The Movie Is Filmed In Mexico

1 comment:

  1. Chas,
    The rest of it is filmed in Mazanillo Mexico, Hotel Las Hadas area at the north end of town.
    -Greg from Canada