Wayne's World

Thank You To Owen From The When Write Is Wrong Website For Finding Both Wayne And Garth's Houses

Thank You To Mike Lembke For Telling Me About The Service Garage Location

Thank You To Jared Cowan For Confirming The Tv Station Location

  • (0:04)  Wayne's House / 7105 Texhoma Avenue, Van Nuys

  • (0:05)  Wayne And Garth Driving Past A Payless Shoe Source / 2800 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago (Note: This Is No Longer A Payless And The Car Is Driving Northwest)

  • (0:05)  Picking Up Their Friend Phil / 205 N. Citrus Avenue, Covina

  • (0:06)  Driving Past Wheel's Auto Mart / 3939 N. Western Avenue, Chicago (Note: The Sign And Dealership Are No Longer There And They Are Going North)

  • (0:06)  Driving Past A Giant Native American Man Statue On The Roof Of A Building / Eye Care Indian; 6258 S. Pulaski Road, Chicago (Note: The Statue Is On The Northwest Corner Of The Intersection Of S. Pulaski Road And W. 63rd Street And The Car Is Going East On 63rd Street)

  • (0:06)  Driving Past Scatchell's Beef Stand / 4700 W. Cermak Road, Cicero (Note: The Building Has Since Been Rebuilt And The Sign Has Been Replaced Since The Movie Was Made And The Car Is Going West)

  • (0:06)  Driving Past Chicago Joe's / 2256 W. Irving Park Road, Chicago (Note: The Busing Has Since Closed Down And They Were Driving West As They Pass The Building)

  • (0:07)  Driving Past White Castle / Still Searching For This Location But It Is Rumored To Be In Aurora 

  • (0:07)  The Music Store / 901 N. Maclay Avenue, San Fernando

  • (0:07)  Driving Past A Stack Of Cars On A Pole / Cermak Plaza; Roughly At 7113 W. Cermak Road, Berwyn (Note: The Stack Of Cars Has Since Been Removed And A Walgreens Now Sits Real Close The Spot)

  • (0:08)  Stan Mikita's Donuts / The Crab Pit; 1220 N. La Brea Avenue, Inglewood

  • (0:12)  Gasworks Club / 1800 Industrial Street, Los Angeles

  • (0:17)  Grey Poupon / N. Citrus Avenue And College Street, Covina

  • (0:17)  High-Rise Building / Leo Burnett Building; 35 W. Wacker Drive, Chicago (Note: The Front Door Is On The N. Dearborn Street Side Of The Corner Building)

  • (0:20)  The Garage Where The Car Is Being Worked On / 11524 South Street, Cerritos

  • (0:21)  Cable Television Station / 17400 Victory Blvd, Van Nuys

  • (0:26)  Cassandra's Loft Party / The Walnut Building; 691 Mill Street, Los Angeles

  • (0:41)  Garth's House / 7102 Texhoma Avenue, Van Nuys (Note: This House Has Been Drastically Remodeled Since The Movie Was Made And Pretty Much Unrecognizable)

  • (0:53)  Benjamin Kane's High-Rise Apartment Building / Southeast Corner Of Waveland Avenue And N. Pine Grove Avenue, Chicago, Illinois

  • (0:59)  Trip To Milwaukee To See Laverne And Shirley Apartment / Paramount Studios Backlot, 5555 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles

  • (1:02)  Wayne And Garth Outside Of The Alice Cooper Concert / Still Searching For This Location

  • (1:12)  Wayne Talking To The Camera Outside Of Cassandra's Place / The Walnut Building; 691 Mill Street, Los Angeles

  • (1:17)  Cassandra Working On A Music Video With The Waterfalls In The Background / Los Angeles Arboretum; 301 N. Baldwin Avenue, Arcadia

  • (1:18)  Wayne Gets Pulled Over / Studebaker Road And Bigelow Street, Cerritos


  1. The music store is called 'Cassell's Music' and it is still going strong today with lots of Wayne's World memorabilia left over from the filming shoot.

  2. Love this site. I have a correction. the high rise at 218 dearborn is actually the leo burnett building at 35 w. wacker (corner of dearborn and wacker). I know because I worked in this building for 6 years.

    1. Hi, thank you for the correction. I changed it.

    2. by the way, thanks for the site. Having a blast!!!!

  3. Very cool. One thing: the "Other Club" (0:26) isn't actually a club, it's Cassandra's loft. That second Crucial Taunt gig was a loft party.

  4. Hi. Garth's house at 7102 Texhoma Avenue, Van Nuys looks exactly the same as it did in the film. The photo you have underneath is not the correct one. It's directly across the street from Wayne's at 7105 Texhoma. Take a look on Google Street View. Awesome site, btw!

  5. The house at 7102 Texhoma does NOT look exactly like it did in the film. It used to, but it's been renovated/remodeled. The house in Chas' photo IS Garth's house. Yes, the 7102 house seen on Google Street View matches the house seen in the movie, but that Street View was taken a while ago. In the time since the Google truck went down Texhoma taking images, the house at 7102 was heavily altered. You can tell Chas' photo is of the same property by comparing certain elements, such as the house numbers painted on the curb and the light pole next to the "7102" on the curb. Plus, if you look closely at the satellite image on Google Maps, you can make out the new driveway on the right (south) side of the property — the same driveway seen in Chas' photo, leading to the new garage. Chas' photo is correct ... he just wasn't fortunate enough to visit Texhoma before Garth's house was drastically changed.

  6. Hello,

    Great site. The scene where Wayne practices his Cantonese was also filmed in Cerritos two days prior to the Liberty Park scene. It was filmed at the Firestone Complete Auto Care at 11524 South St. I was there the entire day as a 13 year old kid and all the crew along with Mike and Dana couldn't have been friendlier. We had free roam of the set including being able to sit in the Garth mobile while helping ourselves to the licorice dispenser. Good times!

  7. I'm bummed there's no real Gasworks rock joint

  8. Did they film part of the opening driving scene in Logan square?

  9. I worked at FEDCO across the street from Firestone Complete Auto Care at 11524 on South St. and in fact do remember when filming was going on because I went across and asked them what was going on? They told me they were filming Wayne's World and I asked them what's that? along with the other scenes filmed in Cerritos there are a lot of driving scenes filmed around the Cerritos Mall and Cerritos Auto Square area

  10. any idea where the pineapple bar is? and wasn't that same pineapple bar used in a scene in back to the beach?

    1. I have not seen Back To The Beach. That location was on I believe Pico or Venice nearing West LA. I never added it back then because it was just and interior location.

    2. Daddy O's was in Back To The Beach....

  11. I think part of the opening of the film was shoot in Lincoln Square (Chicago) at Western/Lincoln/Lawrence Ave. It's not far from Chicago Joe's on Irving Park Rd.

  12. Benjamin's high-rise at Pine Grove and Waveland is The New York Private Residence, 3660 N. Lake Shore Drive.

    Thanks for running a super fun resource!

  13. You left out where they are singing Bohemian Rhapsody where they pass twice by the corners of Milwaukee Kimball and Diversey and there is the Payless shoesoirce and the Gap,

  14. During Bohemian Rhapsody they also show the giant indian standing on the building which on 6300 S. Pulaski ave in Chicago. It is still there today. Also, they just removed the stacked cars scene which was in the southeast parking lot of Cermak & Harlem Ave in Berwyn, IL.

  15. Where was the Alice cooper Milwaukee scene shot at?

  16. There is a shot when they are driving (I think it is Wayne and Cassandra) and the shot through the front windshield is them passing under the 605 towards Cerritos mall at the north end of the cerritos auto square.

  17. Where was the airplane scene shot, Ontario, California? I think it’s the only airport where the planes brush over you off of Haven Ave.

  18. The rumored Whote Castle scene in Aurora is at 1219 N Lake St Aurora, IL 60506. It has been remodeled. It is close to the Fox Valley Mall in Aurora
    White Castle
    (630) 859-0130