Chicago Fire: Season 5

Episode 1; The Hose Or The Animal

Episode 2; A Real Wake-Up Call

Episode 3; Scorched Earth

Episode 4; Nobody Else Is Dying Today

Episode 5; I Held Her Hand

Episode 6; That Day

Episode 7; Lift Each Other

Episode 8; One Hundred

Episode 9; Some Make It, Some Don't

Episode 10; The People We Meet

Episode 11; Who Lives And Who Dies

Episode 12; An Agent Of The Machine

Episode 13; Trading In Scuttlebutt

Episode 14; Purgatory

Episode 15; Deathtrap

Episode 16; Telling Her Goodbye

Episode 17; Babies And Fools

Episode 18; Take A Knee

Episode 19; Carry Their Legacy

Episode 20; Carry Me

Episode 21; Sixty Days

Episode 22; My Miracle


  1. Will you be filming near Water Tower tomorrow, Thursday the 20th? I'm there for my birthday. Congrats on Tuesday's episode! Great! Awesome make up for "Jimmy." IN almost cried when he was hurt. I know it's fake, but the make up! God!!!!!!! Loved it!!!!!!!

    1. Hi, Unfortunately I am not part of the production. I just find the locations and put them on my page. Check out Filming in Chicago on Twitter. They are pretty current on current filming locations.

  2. The fight scene with the chief inside the restaurant in episode 8 is filmed at Il Vicinato Ristorante 2435 S. Western Ave. Just fyi

  3. Apparently they are filming at the fire station on 59th and Lawndale. My dad's pizza place is right across the street!

  4. Do you know if they are filming the show in the middle of april this year?

    1. I don't know but usually they are finished for the season or almost finished.

  5. Any filming taking place between January 14-16?

    1. Most filming is done during the week but with Monday being a holiday it might not happen.

  6. any filming from 16 Feb to 23 Feb please.

  7. is there any word on when they will start filming for season 6?