Chicago Med: Season 2

I Am Going To Be Listing The Locations For All Of Season 2 On This Page. 
The Hospital Used Is Still Rush University Medical Center At 1653 W. Congress PKWY

  • Episode 1 (Soul Care)  -  The Helicopter Landing / University Of Chicago Medical Center Helipad; 5758 S. Maryland Avenue, Chicago (Note: The View Is Looking A Little Bit Northwest

  • Episode 1 (Soul Care)  -  Dr. Charles Visiting Dr. Reese At Her New Job At A Coffee House / Bridgeport Coffeehouse; 5030 S. Cornell Avenue, Chicago

  • Episode 1 (Soul Care)  -  Dr. Charles Waiting For His Daughter To Get Off The Bus / 4901 S. Kimbark Avenue, Chicago (Note: This Is On The Southeast Corner Of S. Kimbark Avenue And E. 49th Street)

  • Episode 1 (Soul Care)  -  Dr. Manning Talking With Jeff Clark Outside Of Molly's / W. 16th Street At S. Fairfield Avenue, Chicago (Note: I Consider This The Other Molly's Exterior Because It Is Real Close To The Studio)

  • Episode 4 (Brother's Keeper)  -  Dr. Clark Arriving At The Hospital With Dr. Manning / 670 S. Paulina Street, Chicago (Note: The Camera Is Looking North)

  • Episode 4 (Brother's Keeper)  -  Dr. Halstead Dropping Off Dr. Shore / W. Flournoy Street At Marshfield Avenue, Chicago (Note: The Camera Is Looking North)

  • Episode 5 (Extreme Measures)  -  Nurse Sexton Working At The Medical Station For The Race / E. Congress Parkway, Chicago (Note: The Road Seen Is The East Bound Lanes With The Camera Looking West)

  • Episode 5 (Extreme Measures)  -  Dr. Halstead And Dr. Shore Running In The Race / S. Wabash Avenue Just South Of E. Van Buren Street, Chicago (Note: The Camera Is Looking North)

  • Episode 5 (Extreme Measures)  -  Sexton Running To An Accident Between A Vehicle And A Bike / E. Congress Plaza Drive, Chicago (Note: This Is Just South Of Congress Parkway)

  • Episode 5 (Extreme Measures)  -  Dr. Halstead And Dr. Shore Passing The Finish Line Long After The Race Competition Was Completed / E. Balbo Avenue At S. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago (Note: The Camera Is Obviously Looking East Toward Lake Michigan)

  • Episode 5 (Extreme Measures)  -  Dr. Rhodes And Sharon Goodwin Enjoying Drinks By The River / 300 E. River Walk, Chicago (Note: They Are Between The Columbus Drive Bridge And The Lake Shore Drive Bridge On The South Side Of The River)

  • Episode 7 (Inherent Bias)  -  April Sexton Has A Coughing Fit As She Walks Out Of Molly's / 2725 W. 16th Street, Chicago (Note: She Is On The S. Fairfield Avenue Side Of The Corner Building)

  • Episode 7 (Inherent Bias)  -  Dr. Choi And Dr. Reese Searching For Danny Near A Bridge / Franklin Avenue Bridge, Chicago (Note: They Are On The North Side Of The River With The Camera Looking East Toward The Bridge)

  • Episode 8 (Free Will)  -  Dr. Reese And Dr. Choi Still Looking For Danny / 950 S. Wells Street, Chicago (Note:This Spot Is Actually Under The Roosevelt Road Bridge. The Camera Is Looking North In The Screen Shot)

  • Episode 8 (Free Will)  -  Dr. Charles Walking Past The History Museum / 111 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago

  • Episode 8 (Free Will)  -  Dr. Charles And Dr. Reese Talking At The Hospital Chapel / Still Searching For This Location

  • Episode 11 (Graveyard Shift)  -  The Panda Bear Recovering At The Zoo / Still Searching For This Location

  • Episode 13 (Theseus' Ship)  -  Dr. Rhodes And Dr. Latham At A Hotel / Hilton Chicago Indian Lakes Resort; 250 W. Schick Road, Bloomingdale

  • Episode 14 (Cold Front)  -  Big Crash On A Highway / Amstutz Expressway, Waukegan (Note: This Is A Little North Of The Grand Avenue Exit)

  • Episode 17 (Monday Mourning)  -  Dr. Wheeler Falls To His Death From The Roof Of The Hospital / Chicago Hilton; 720 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago (Note: The Earlier Shot When He Gets Off The Elevator Was Not Shot There)

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