I Am Only Listed The Often Used Locations And The Memorable Locations For The Series. I Will List What Episode They Were From Too.

  • The Empire Headquarters First Seen In The "Pilot" Episode / 353 N. Clark Street, Chicago (Note: The Side Of The Building Shown On The Screenshot Is The Clark Side Of The Corner Building)

  • Cookie Lyon Being Released From Prison In The "Pilot" Episode / Cook County Department Of Corrections Division 10; 2950 S. California Avenue, Chicago

  • Lucious Lyon Murdering His Childhood Friend Next To The River In The "Pilot" Episode / Roughly 2400 S. Grove Street, Chicago (Note: This Location Is Actually Under The Dan Ryan Expressway Between Grove And The River With The Camera Looking Northwest)

  • The Exterior Of The Church For The Funeral In Third Episode "The Devil Quotes Scripture" / New Greater Saint John Church; 3101 W. Warren Blvd, Chicago

  • The Exterior Of The Club First Seen In The Third Episode "The Devil Quotes Scripture" / 50 E. Erie Street, Chicago

  • Puma's Farm Seen In The Third Episode "The Devil Quotes Scripture" / Cresswood Farm; 500 W. County Line Road, Barrington

  • The Lyon Mansion / 45 Lakeview Lane, Barrington

  • The Exterior Of Jamal Lyon And Michael's Apartment That They Move Out Of At The End Of Episode 3 "The Devil Quotes Scripture" / 226 W. Superior Street, Chicago

  • Fatima's House Seen In Episode 4 "False Imposition" / 3654 S. King Drive, Chicago

  • Outside Of The Other Recording Studio First Seen In Episode 5 "Dangerous Bonds" / 2444 W. 16th Street, Chicago

  • The Flashback Shooting Of The Agent After The Drug Deal Seen In Episode 5 / W. 14th Street And S. Talman Avenue, Chicago

  • Cookie's Sister's House Seen In Episode 5 / 1368 S. Fairfield Avenue, Chicago

  • The Exterior Of Jamal And Michael's Place First Seen In Episode 6 "Out, Damned Spot" / 2602 W. 21st Street, Chicago

  • Cookie Going To Motel To Help A Friend In Episode 6 / Cindy Lyn Motel; 5029 W. Ogden Avenue, Cicero

  • Cookie Waiting For The Verdict While Waiting In The Hall Of The Courthouse In Episode 8 "The Lyon's Roar" / Chicago City Hall; 118 N. Clark Street, Chicago

  • Anika Calhoun Going To Billy Beretti's Apartment Building At The End Of Episode 8 / 1120 N. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago

  • Cookie Almost Getting Mugged In Episode 9 "Unto The Breach" / 2101 S. Fairfield Avenue, Chicago

  • Lucious And Beretti Get Into A Confrontation Near The Airport In Episode 9 / 570 Waldron Drive, Chicago (Note: There Isn't An Airport There And The Plane And Part Of The Building In The Background Was C.G.I.)

  • The Rehab Hospital Exterior Seen In Episode 12 "Who I Am" / 21 W. Goethe Street, Chicago

  • The Lucious Lyon Sound Building Seen In The 12th Episode / 205 E. Randolph Street, Chicago

  • The F.B.I. Building First Seen In The 12th Episode / 2621 W. 15th Place, Chicago (Note: This Is Part Of The Studio's Property)

  • Andre Lyon's Residence Seen In The 12th Episode / 1364 N. Dearborn Street, Chicago


  1. Do you know that church in Chgo. was used then the son gets Baptized on todays episode?

    1. I will try to look for it soon.

    2. I think it is Holy Name on State and Chicago. I am wondering what L track line and its location Cookie and Luscious make the ransom drop.

    3. It looks like Holy Name on State and Chicago but it can't since facing North you don't see Loyola Univ. bldgs.

  2. Yes, I was about to ask the same question. I believe the outside of the church was Holy Name Cathedral, but the inside of the church was a different church. Details would be great. Thanks.

  3. When the son gets out of the car to talk to the girl singer in the last episode. That's Jackson you can see Whitney M. Young High School's (my high school) bridge in the backgroung. It's the block on Jackson passing Ashland

  4. First Baptist Congregational Church at 60 N. Ashland

  5. They filmed this week near my work at 79th and Cottage Grove.

  6. New Greater st. Johns, Chicago westside. Rev. Leroy Elloit is pastor

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  8. is this reaal all inside the empire bulding studio, lobby and more

  9. Do you know where they filmed Diana Dubois House ?

    1. I hate to say it but I lost interest in the series. Tell me what episode it was in and I will watch it and look for you.

    2. I looked at the episode and the screen shot I saw was a night shot with a red brick/block building. If that is the place I believe it is stock footage which means it could be anywhere. Possibly in NYC. Sorry but I believe it is not in Chicago.

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