Save The Last Dance

Thank You To Karen For Telling Me About The House In The Suburbs Location

  • (0:02)  Sara's House In The Suburbs / 912 Singer Avenue, Lemont

  • (0:02)  Sara's High School In The Suburbs / Lemont High School; 800 Porter Street, Lemont

  • (0:04)  Sara And Her Mother Saying Good Bye For The Last Time / Roughly 110 Stephen Street, Lemont

  • (0:05)  The Fatal Accident / 230 Amstutz Expressway, Waukegan (Note: The Car Was Traveling South As She Was Nearing The Cty A22 Road Overpass)

  • (0:06)  The Train Station / Union Station; 210 S. Canal Street, Chicago

  • (0:07)  Sara's New House In Chicago / 1939 S. Sawyer Avenue, Chicago  (Note: The Front Porch Has Changed Some But You Will Know It Is The Correct House Since It Is Directly Under The El Tracks)

  • (0:09)  The High School / Wendell Phillips Academy High School; 244 E. Pershing Road, Chicago

  • (0:38)  The Exterior Of The Steps Club / 344 N. Canal Street, Chicago (Note: This Is Just A Warehouse Exterior And I Assume The Interior Was Just A Huge Set. Also, When They Are Walking From The Club They Are Heading South On Canal Street Toward The Railroad Tracks)

  • (0:48)  Derek Walking And Explaining To Sara His Friendship For Malakai / Walking South On S. Wabash Avenue Coming Up To Harrison Street, Chicago (Note: The Area Has Changed A Lot Since The Movie Was Made. A Lot Of New Buildings.)

  • (0:50)  The Alley Where They Sneak Up The Fire Escape To The Dance Studio / Still Searching For This Location

  • (0:55)  Derek Taking Sara To The Ballet / Chicago Theater; 175 N. State Street, Chicago

  • (0:58)  Derek And Sara Talking By The River After The Ballet / They Are On The North Side Of The Chicago River Between Clark Street And Dearborn Street, Chicago

  • (1:04)  Sara Dancing Under The El / Was Told It Was A Block Or So From Her Home But Since The Movie Was Made The El Has Been Remodeled And You Would Not Even Recognize Where She Would Have Been

  • (1:15)  The Drive By Shooting Attempt While The Guys Play Basketball / 701 S. California Avenue, Chicago (Note: The Court Runs East To West Along The South Side Of Flournoy Street)

  • (1:33)  Small Playground Near Chenille And Derek's House / Millard Park; 1331 S. Millard Avenue, Chicago

  • (1:35)  Derek Going To Tell Malakai He Wants Out Of The Revenge Of The Drive By  /  Under The El Just East Of 310 47th Street, Chicago (Note: The Spot Under The El Is On The South Side Of The Street)

  • (1:38)  Sara Auditioning For Juilliard / Still Searching For This Location

  • (1:39)  The Revenge Drive By Shooting And Subsequent Car Catching Fire / 204 N. California Avenue, Chicago


  1. If you care anymore the Small Playground Near Chenille And Derek's House is in the 1300 block of South Millard (around 1329 South Millard Avenue)

    1. Thank you as I have since updated the page. I have it 1355.

    2. I live 1316 S. Millard.....across the street from the park, my kids play there everyday.

  2. The first picture of the blue house is 912 Singer Avenue, Lemont, IL 60439. I live in the house and was living there when the house was filmed

    1. Hello Karen, thank you for the info. I hope to be in the area in the next month to take pictures. I figured I would never know of this location. Thanks again you are a class act.

  3. I used to live at 1321 S. MILLARD and before this site was made I used to say this is my old block, I know it is, I just know it and now some years later this site is made and I was right, I will never forget that playground I have so many memories on that block but my dad moved us when I was 13...also I knew that bus stop on California was in this movie I used to catch the bus there all the time from the green line el station. I just want to say thank you for creating this page because I am validated

  4. The interior of the Steps Club was Crobar Nightclub. 1543 N. Kingsbury.

  5. The kids playing basketball is on west side of Chicago, Flournoy and California.

    1. Hi, thank you for the location. I have updated the page. Thanks again

  6. I'm coming to this a little late, but I read the audition scene was filmed at the Athenaeum Theatre at 2936 N Southport. I just had my daughter watch the scene (she's performed on the stage) and she said- yup! That's pretty much it! Hope that helps!