• (0:00) During The Opening Credits You See A Helicopter Shot Over A Road / Interstate 290 Going Westbound Out Of Chicago (Note: The Building The Road Goes Under Is The Old Chicago Post Office)

  • (0:03) The House From The Urban Legend Flashback / 4222 Agnes Avenue, Studio City

  • (0:06) Seeing An Amphitheater As Helen Is Seen Walking / University Of Illinois Chicago Campus; 1200 W. Harrison Street, Chicago Note: (The Amphitheater Has Since Been Changed Or Removed)

  • (0:12) Helen's Apartment Building 957 / Southeast Corner Of N. Lasalle Street And W. Schiller Street, Chicago

  • (0:18) Going To The Old Run Down Apartment Building / Cabrini Green Housing; This Particular Building Was Located On West Walton Street Just West Of N. Orleans Street, Chicago (Note: This And Most Of The Buildings Have Since Been Torn Down)

  • (0:34)  The Disgusting Bathroom / Southwest Corner Of N. Orleans Street And W. Walton Street, Chicago (Note: This Place Is Torn Down And Now There Is A Church Standing On Its Location)

  • (0:43) Parking Garage Scene With The Candyman / Still Searching For The Exact Garage

  • (0:52) Police Station / Still Searching For This Location

  • (1:08) The Mental Hospital / Still Searching For This Location

  • (1:16) Downtown Bridge Helen Is Standing On / Randolph Street Bridge, Chicago

  • (1:31) The Cemetery / Still Searching For This Location


  1. Just curious, were the apartment and hallway scenes set in Cabrini-Green actually filmed there, or were they sets?

    (I'd imagine sets, but reading about the condition of Cabrini-Green at the time, it does seem plausible that they could have been shot on location)

    1. Here is a paragraph in regards to the filming at Cabrini-Green from the IMBD website:

      "Exterior, hallway and stairway scenes were actually filmed for a few days in the infamous Cabrini-Green housing projects, though the producers had to make a deal with the ruling gang members to put them in the movie as extras to ensure the cast and crew's safety during filming. Even with this arrangement, a sniper put a bullet through the production van on the last day of filming, though no one was injured."

      Also here is the link:

  2. I worked out of Cabrini Green at times and actually have a video on youtube when it started to close. The scenes were not filmed entirely around the Greens and I can vouch that yes, the gang members had to be put in, in order not to retaliate on the crew.

  3. Tony Todd mentioned to Cindy Pearlman of the Chicago Sun Times in 2011: "“I’ll never forget that I filmed that movie in a building on the South Side of Chicago. Building 116. Unit C,” he says. “That’s the Candyman pad!”

  4. You can tell that some shots were at the former Robber Taylor Homes which formerly stretched along the 90/94 (Dan Ryan) Interstate south of the city from 35th street to approx 71st or so. The picture above where you see the Hancock is taken from the former Cabrini Green (Halsted/ Division) which is west of downtown. The picture above where she is walking with the boy and you can see the Sears is from the Taylor Homes south of Downtown.