Child's Play

Thank You To Robert From The Movie Locations And More Website For Telling Me About The Jail Location

Thank You To Owen From The When Write Is Wrong Website For Tracking Down The School Location

  • (0:01)  Playland Toys / 418 S. Wabash Street, Chicago (Note: The Building Has Changed Some And The Place Is No Longer A Toy Store. The 410 Address Is For The Parking Lot Next Door)

  • (0:11)  Building Of Karen Barclay's Department Store / 1 S. State Street, Chicago

  • (0:19)  Barclay's Apartment Building / Brewster Building; 2800 N. Pine Grove Avenue, Apartment 8C, Chicago

  • (0:34)  Andy's School / Mayo Elementary School; 249 E. 37th Street, Chicago (Note: The Close Up View Of The Door Is Of The Main Entrance Where The Other Two Screen Shots Were On The S. Giles Avenue Side Of The Building)

  • (0:37)  The House That Chucky Blows Up Was Located Near The / Southwest Corner Of S. Calumet Avenue And E. 41st Street, Chicago (Note: He Gets Off The Train At The 43rd Street Station)

  • (0:47)  The Police Station / 3600 N. Halsted Street, Chicago (Note: This Is No Longer A Police Station)

  • (0:51)  Karen Asking The Homeless About Where He Got The Doll / Corner Of W. Maxwell Street And S. Halsted Street, Chicago (Note: The Area Is No Longer Recognizable)

  • (0:56)  The Crash Of Officer Mike Norris' Car With Chucky Attacking Him / Roughly 726 W. Maxwell Street, Chicago (Note: This Area Was Transformed A Few Years After The Movie Was Made So Very Little Still Looks the Same Plus It Is Just A Few Buildings Down From The Last Location)

  • (1:03)  The Jail / 3100 S. Sacramento Avenue, Chicago


  1. It is likely Karen worked at Carson Pirie Scott.

    Just before the crash, there was at least on shot of the 1300 block of W Chicago Avenue and some other bridges around the downtown Loop area, and the location of his car going through the tunnel was at Ogden Avenue and Chestnut Street just north of a now-demolished viaduct that used to cross over Goose Island near Cabrini-Green.

    The institution where Andy was kept is located at 3026 S California Ave, now a Sheriff's Office, part of the Illinois Department of Corrections.

  2. where is charles lee rays house, 730 stoney island?

  3. Karen Barklays Department Store (former Carsons) still has the Louis Sullivan intricate work but is now home to a Target. I took a photo of it yesterday.

  4. The Police Station on Halsted is now condemned. It will be torn down soon to make way for a Senior Center.

    1. The police station is not being torn down. They turned it into something else and the new police station is right next door. Although the old police station has been converted into what appears to be offices of sorts the masonry work on the building still says "police" and "patrol"

  5. It's cool that I stumbled on to this blog. I was watching Child's Play this morning for the 100th time!! (I always loved how brand dropping and certain things weren't edited from 80's movies.)

    Anyway, hopped on to Google maps (street view) after watching the initial "shoot out" and retreat into the toy store. I was amazed by 25 years of change. Pausing my DVR here and there, I "cruised" S. Wabash with excitement followed by a bit of sadness. Scouring for Jimmy Wong's Cantonese Food, Chicago Hair Goods Co., and the toy store I came up empty handed. All three now gone. The "toy store" building and adjacent building (recognizable by the unique architecture along it's fascia) are still there but the original businesses are gone.



    The first article written in 1995 and the second six years later upon Jimmy Wong's death in 2001. Certainly the end of an era. Anyone know if any of the businesses from the opening act still exist? There was a sign I got a partial reading of, Hamburgers, fish, and chips??! Maybe? Another one lit up in neon red, Harrison. I'm guessing a hotel?

  6. I think from what I can remember when I lived in the area, 3100 S. Sacramento was/is a fire station in real life. If I'm in that neighborhood I can check.

    1. It's not a fire station it's the support logistics division for the Chicago fire department. (SLD). They basically service all the ambulances for CFD there but that is on the north west side of 31st and Sacramento. The north east side is cook county jail

  7. I was at Carson's when they were filming there. I had to wait to cross the alley in the middle of the block, and one of the crew members told me the name of the film, and how this scene was critical because of the doll the women were buying. I wasn't really interested at the time. Who knew it would be such a hit?

  8. Its so awesome im not the only lunatic that likes this stuff